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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 2, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> remember that? that was the nra's wayne lapierre back in december when he announced his group would conduct its own revery much in the wake of the tragedy of enoughto newtown, connecticut. we'll hear from asa hutchinson. here is some of what we are expecting to hear from the nra today. first a call for training and preparation for armed security guards that would be available to schools across the country. number two, changes to ordinances and gun permits that would allow for weapons to be carried on school properties. three, additional and specific legislative proposals for our nation's leaders straight from the multi-billion dollar gun lobby itself. and the timing of today's big unveiling is important to know. it comes just a week before congress will reconvene and likely take up the senate's gun control bill.
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and the very same week that connecticut legislators are expected to vote on their response to the unfathomable crime in their own back yard. that vote expected on a sweeping and bipartisan bill that would overhaul the state's gun laws. >> gun control groups say if it goes through will be the toughest gun law in the country. >> significant gun law in connecticut but depressing -- >> pa th. >> pathetic. >> it's truly depressing. >> let's difficult in with our political power panel. gang, it is great to have you all here. i just want to start out with as we know and we heard back in december i think a lot of people watching that nra press conference by wayne lapierre were shocked by that statement
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the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and promoting the fact that more armed security guards in school, teachers being prepared with weapons in their desk could be more helpful. "the washington post" and abc has asked everyone about their support for armed guards in school. it's telling that 50% support it, 48% are opposed to it. chip, i want to start with you on this. it seems as if at least in washington, d.c. there is certainly a lot of obstacles to get over to come up with a bipartisan plan for curbing any gun violence. how seriously do you think that people are going to be listening to the nra today and asa hutchinson who is coming out with suggestions for their program? >> i hope they listen to all sides of the arguments. it's a serious case when we have children dieing in our schools. everybody wants to try and stop that. here in tennessee we have
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resource officers in which schools can choose to have armed guards in their schools. it's been a program that's worked pretty effectively in tennessee. but i think that should be a local decision. if it is a federal law, the federal law should encompass the g guidelines but at the end of the day the schools and local communities have to make these decisions. it's a very important issue. >> what about the timing of this? >> you heard from folks on the senate debating gun control laws and a piece of that possibly is stepping up of the safety in schools and armed guards and that sort of thing. it seems to be probably a bridge too far when the nra talks about arming teachers and teachers unions. teachers themselves, i'm not sure they're interested in teachers packing heat. parents would likely have a problem with that as well. but there are all of these groups that have been talking about gun control. i think one of the problems we've seen so far with this debate is there still is not
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anyone new who has entered the debate who has said something different. we have the liberal camp who is very pro gun control and on the other hand we have conservative who is feel like any sort of gun control will infringe on second amendment rights. we don't have any figure, conservative, democrat or any republican who seems to be open to any more furthering of gun control at this point and that's been a problem. >> margie, is that the biggest problem? obviously the president and vice president are trying to stay out in front of this issue and encourage electorates to get involved. if people don't want to move something on gun violence, it's not going to move. >> it's a shame congress has caught up with public opinion. universal background checks, federal trafficking laws, even ban on assault weapons or high
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capacity magazines have support. what you don't show in the "washington post" poll is weakening support for putting more guns in schools. so if you have a lot of lawmakers who are going to reject proposals that are incredibly popular and instead support one that nra lobbyists are putting forward that has even support, if republicans want to reach out to women and the other groups they've been losing ground with, the way to not do that is with more guns in schools. >> does it look like the nra is pushing back and doing so with success the fact as we day in and day out, the more days that pass since what happened in newtown? >> i think they have been fair lifairly successful on some of it. you still have some red state democrats on the ballot. senator reed is trying to do more to keep the democrats in hand. he's got people he's trying to
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protect by not bringing up anything in the senate that could change the power of the chamber. >> i want to introduce to the conversation connecticut senator richard blu richa richa richa richard blumenthal. as we get down to the macro local, there is this gun bill that bans large capacity magazines in connecticut, extends the connecticut assault weapons bans and a registry for dangerous weapon offenders. however, it's going to grandfather in the people who already have the large capacity magazines. do you think it's going to
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defeat the purpose of what connecticut's bill would do for the rest of the country? >> connecticut's bill, the ban on high capacity magazines, as well as extending and specifying more completely the ban on assault weapons i think provides very strong encouragement and momentum going into these next few weeks in washington, d.c. but the point is that no single state can do it alone. the assault weapon ban in connecticut and the prohibition against high-capacity magazines simply is unable to prevent guns from being trafficked illegally across our borders. we really need federal legislation to prohibit straw purchases and illegal trafficking. >> that's when we get to the macro level and the examination of this is how we look at things from washington, d.c. and what it can do to change the culture of gun violence in the country. as we look, though, at background check, something that
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has had a high backing from americans across the board, second amendment rights, people that support second amendment rights, nra supporters, the cbs news poll that proves that 90% favor this, meanwhile it's the republicans that are still a sticking point. take a listen to this. >> there likely will be with regard to background checks all of us, republicans and democrats have recognized that we need more effective and broader background checks than we've had in the past. >> polls indicate 90% of americans -- 90% of americans don't agree that the sun is going to come up tomorrow. 90% of americans gragree with t idea of background checks. >> this is moment we can do something about mental health and information sharing, maybe background checks. >> can you explain if there is this overwhelming amount of americans who support something moving forward on background checks with why lawmakers in
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washington, d.c. are not representing the constituents back at home who feel this way and try to get something done? >> i'm hoping you can explain that to me. i really feel at a loss and very frustrated that the overwhelming majority of americans and maybe it's just that they've been a silent majority, feel that we should have background checks applied to all purchases of firearms, even the 40% private sales that are now not covered and yet the stranglehold of special interests like the nra seems so pervasive. we have an opportunity for the first time in a decade, maybe in a generation, to break that stranglehold of special interest and i believe what's needed now is simply to make that silent majority not so silent anymore. and the president is leading that charge. others like myself, other advocates of gun safety have been trying to lead that effort to make the majority more vocal and effective, but i think there is still the potential fear on
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the part of some of my colleagues that the vocal minority may hold sway. >> senator richard blumenthal, thank you for joining us. i appreciate you making time for me. >> thank you. >> i want to bring back our power panel. i want to switch topics quickly. passing my desk is senator top carper of delaware has come out to show his support for marriage equality. it seems like a domino effect we're seeing on the left of people coming out publicly to support the movement for marriage equality in this country. chip, i want to talk to you, though, because we still have people on the right that are an obstacle to marriage equality, even those that have gay members in their family. take a listen to this. >> my son is by far one of the most important people in my life. i love him more than i can say.
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i'm just not there as far as believing in my heart that we should change 2,000 years of social policy in favor of a redefinition of the family. i'm not there. >> so, chip, that's in contrast to senator rob portman coming out for marriage equality because of his own son, who recently came out to him within the last two years. that was representative matt l salmon saying it makes no effect on his decision. he doesn't feel his politics reflect a change. >> it's interesting, i watched that press conference and went backline. could you just see how much he struggled with it. i think for a lot of people this is as much a religious issue, a biblical issue as it is a civil law issue. i think as you kind of go through this debate, i think there's more and more people on the republican side and democrat side that feel comfortable with some sort of civil union.
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they don't want people who love each other not to be able to see each other in the hospital. they understand that and want to try and fix that but changing the definition that's been like that for 2,000 years or more and more of a religious and moral issue for some people is going to be a lot harder sell as we move forward in this discussion. >> but should the government then get out of the marriage business? >> i think there's some people who think the government should get out of the marriage business. if it's going to be a religious marriage, it shouldn't be part of a government, if it's going to be a civil union, it shunting part of a religious issue. when you use the word "marriage," it means so much to so many different people, as you see in this battle. marriage to a lot of people means between a man and woman and they have a hard time with same-sex marriage. you still have to couch it in a conversation when you talk about civil unions or something like that or loved ones sharing property or seeing each other in a hospital, that's a different issue for some people than changing the definition of marriage. >> margie, from the perspective of the fact that we're seeing more people come out in favor of
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marriage equality from the democratic side and delaware is moving forward on its own marriage equality bill later this year, it just gets to the deeper point that there continues to be this perceived necessity for otherness. as chip points out, marriage just can't be redefined. well, haven't we redefined -- not redefined but we've enhanced and changed language for things throughout the years to reflect where we've moved as a country. >> this is one of those countries where actually the politics is trying to catch up with public opinion. public opinion has moved very, very quickly on this the last few years. i'll tell you why, it's because a lot more people are coming out and sharing their stories and sharing their stories of why they want to get married and why marriage is important to them. think of how that might have changed the comment of the republican chairwoman from georgia who said, well, this is going to lead to a lot of abuse because straight people are going to pretend they're gay in
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order to get benefits, as if that would be the reason to go through decades of supreme court challenges -- >> she has not obviously seen the hit "i now pronounce you chuck and larry." >> and someone should explain to her the meaning of marriage, that it's not about the benefit, it's about enjoy the title of marriage, that it's important to everybody. >> i want to say thanks to the power panel today, your patience, i really appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, hundreds of law enforcement officials from the fbi and texas rangers and u.s. marshalls working together to figure out who killed the texas district attorney attorney mike mclelland and his wife. why a prison gang is coming under suspicion. plus south korea's nuclear threat. well let's get you ready.
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breaking news right now. i want to bring you an update on the condition of 94-year-old nelson mandela. nbc news learning he's still experiencing an ongoing problem with fluid buildup in his lungs. doctors are continuing to treat the former south african president at a hospital in johannesburg. he was hospitalized last wednesday. >> new details in a texas district attorney and his wife. search warrants are revealing that mike and cynthia mclelland had been shot several times in their home. the governor, rick perry, says law enforcement officials need to be extra careful. >> this i think is a clear concern to individuals who are in public life, particularly those who deal with some very
8:19 am
mean and vicious individuals, whether they're white supremacy groups or whether they're the drug cartels. >> joining me from kauffman, texas is gabe gutierrez. let's talk more about what the governor had to say there, the possibility of this being linked to something larger, like the cartel or other leads to white supremacy groups in the area. >> good morning. there a lot of theories floating around out there. we heard the local sheriff is planning a news conference for this afternoon, his first since sunday. we've seen county employees streaming into the courthouse all morning. no word yet if the interim d.a., brandy fernandez, has reported for work. this all comes as public employees throughout the state of texas including houston and dallas are on high alert. the investigation into the death of mike mclelland and his wife
8:20 am
is staying very quiet. they're analyzing shell casings at the scene and looking at cell phone records. although they have not officially linked the murders, there are several theories floating around out there, specifically and most significantly the aryan brotherhood of texas. the group has been involved in meth dealings in kaufman county and the d.a.'s office had been involved in prosecuting those. they put out a memo warning about public safety. why would this group specifical specifically target this d.a.'s office when many other offices were involved in some of those indictments? other theories, perhaps a drug cartel, perhaps a lone wolf with a grudge or a copycat killer. federal authorities say they're not ruling anything out at this point. right now this is all still a
8:21 am
mystery. again, we're expecting a news conference from the sheriff this afternoon. >> gabe, thanks so much. joining the conversation, don clar clark, former head of the fbi in houston. it's good to have you here. i think you could hear gabe's reporting. as we look at the murders of the d.a. and his wife and the murder of the assistant d.a., do you see them as targets of some group? >> i couldn't agree more. as most people are looking at this activity as it had started to unfold, you got to think that this is some type of organized organization or attempting to organize an organization to be able to do whatever that they feel that they should do. and i think they are doing that pretty directly to identify certain people and take actions there and maybe others.
8:22 am
and that's why the law enforcement community has no choice now but to really try to protect all of the law enforcement officials that may be close to this activity. >> and as we heard there in gabe's reporting again, we learned back in december that a law enforcement bulletin that went out statewide warning that the aryan brotherhood of texas might try to attack police or prosecutors as retaliation for 34 of its members that were indicted in october of last year. from your experience being their helping the fbi in texas -- in houston, excuse me, explain what the situation is for the gangs of white supremacists in that state. is it rampant? >> well, i wouldn't say that it's rampant, but i can say over the years and if we go back 10, 12 years or so back, you could see the aryan nation and some of the other groups who had their own missions and goals that were basically criminal in nature were trying to do and trying to
8:23 am
achieve and they would take a lot of avenues to try to do that. whether it meant to send a message by doing the type of activity that we just saw in the last few days, taking the lives of some innocent people or whatever the case may be, to send a message that they are the ones that's going to be in charge of whatever the operations may be. >> we'll find out coming up again this afternoon. the local sheriff there is going to be holding a press conference. we'll wait to see if we get any includes from their investigation. don clark, thanks for joining me. >> you bet. thank you. >> just ahead, hillary clinton back in the spotlight, giving her first public speech tonight since leaving the obama administration. what it all means as we look at 2016. plus louisville basketball player kevin ware expected to be released from the hospital within the hour. what a difference two days can make, right? everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans.
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a look at some of the stories topping the news now. a bold new threat from north korea today. it says it will restart a nuclear reactor that has the capability of making a bomb's worth of plutonium a year. experts say it could take as little as three months to a year to be properly reactivated. >> court officials in colorado are apologizing after a clear call error led to the early prison release of evan ebel, the man police say gunned down colorado's prison chief. he was supposed to have spent an extra four years behind bars. >> believe it or not, that is oil that you're seeing right there. on the streets of arkansas four days after an exxon oil pipeline burst in a neighborhood. clean-up crews have already recovered up to 12,000 barrels and found several ducks that have been covered in oil. >> president obama's budget will clue a $112 million proposal for a unique science initiative. >> there's this enormous mystery
8:28 am
waiting to be unlocked. the brain initiative will change that by giving scientists the tools they need to get a dynamic picture of the brain in action and better understand how we think and how we learn. >> all right. so here's some really good news to pass along. a hopeful kevin ware is about to start on the tough road to recovery. the 20-year-old louisville basketball player is expected to leave the hospital in the next hour or so, two days after suffering that terrifying leg injury during sunday's basketball game. for access to one of the top wealth management firms in the country. for a team of financial professionals who provide customized solutions. for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more.
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credits for abortion. joining me is the president of pro-choice america. it's great to have you here. let's talk a lot about what we're seeing on the states level, especially for kansas because this is happening as the first abortion clinic to operate in wichita since the murder of george tiller, that's opening up this week in the same building. the clinic's operators say they're going to offer exams and other services for women as well. is this just an indicator that no matter how many state legislatures try to keep chipping away at roe v. wade both sides are continuing to fight on? >> absolutely. what we're seeing, thomas, is a disturbing pattern where women in america are living in vastly different realities, some places where they have the full range of reproductive choices that allow the independence and autonomy that we define as uniquely american and others where they're told you're a second class citizen and you're not allowed to make the choices that men would make between them
8:33 am
and their doctors. but what you allude to, which is really important, is that women are on the march. on the anniversary of roe v. wade in february, a wall street courage poll showed that 70% of americans actually support roe. women made the difference in the last election and with 36 governors up in 2014, this is an issue that's not going to go away. women will make their voices heard. >> as we are talking about north dakota, the lone abortion clinic there is in danger of shutting down because a part of the three bills that the governor signed there requiring doctors to get admitting privileges at hospitals. do these type of strict laws that are looking to clamp down and totally do away with abortion and what roe v. wade provides in this country, do they make the life of the mother much more dangerous? for a woman that's trying to seek proper treatment for what her concerns are. i mean, these laws really limit the available options. >> absolutely. there's two things to say about
8:34 am
that, thomas. one is your viewers have to remember that women will make their choices. the only question is whether they will make them safely or not. pre-roe, illegal abortion was the top killer of women of child bearing age in this country. i don't think we want to go back to those days. you have to file these laws in the logic is irrelevant file. you look at where they're shutting down family planning clinics and unintended pregnancies go up and we're actually having to deal with health consequences for the mother and the children. you're actually limiting women's ability to get educated and participate in society. and what we know is that in countries where women thrive, families thrive, communities thrive, governments thrive, businesses thrive, so these people, these gop extremists introducing this legislation are actually trying to undercut the strong fabric of this country
8:35 am
that's made us great. >> are personhood bills on the rise? >> we're seeing them pop up here and there. the thing is what we know as women is that we are people and we will fight for our choices, we will fight to make them when our families and with our doctors, which is our right guaranteed in the constitution. that seems to be a fact that the gop extremists that are introducing these bills have forgotten. and they are what i call constitutional situationalists. they defend it to its core when it serves their purpose but they're all too happen to throw it out when they want to shove women back to the middle ages. it just won't stand. it doesn't stand the logic test. >> ilyse, thanks for being here. i appreciate it. >> hillary clinton is fresh oftof off endorsing marriage equality.
8:36 am
meanwhile three different pacs have formed to raise money should the former first lady go ahead with a presidential bid. joining me is seth freeman. he worked on hillary clinton's '08 presidential campaign. it's good to have you here. one of your pac's co-founders has been trying to get hillary elected to the white house for ten years now and we're hear supporters are waiting to throw their money somewhere behind her, that others wouldn't get in hillary clinton were to throw her at in the ring. what is it about her supporters that have them lining up after 2008 and the failed attempt? >> well, i think that at this point america is definitely ready for hillary. she has amazing credentials. she has supporters across the country who are very enthusiastic about her potential run. she's in a position where she can really unite the democratic party and be a strong candidate
8:37 am
against the republicans in 2016. >> so as you know, hillary clinton has been riding high in the polls amongst democratic favorites, most recently in this quinnipiac poll she beat out favorites, chris christie, marco rubio and paul ryan. so is your organization poised to reclaim the white house in 2012? >> ready for hillary pac has assembled a fund-raising team of a lot of long time hillary fund-raisers. we've had many bundlers from 2008 already sign on. we're excited about the big checks that are going to come in. we're just as excited about the grass roots support we're going to have in small dollar donations. today we launched our web site we're looking for supporters could come and sign up and we're going to build that infrastructure across the country. we're very excited, very well positioned to make a big difference, urging her to run and laying that infrastructure
8:38 am
so that we're ready in 2016. >> seth, are you a little bit worried, coming with the numbers that they could be a little bit built up because as secretary of state she didn't have to enter political frays and the moment she gets political, those numbers are going to take a hit? >> i think she's the most popular politician in america right now. sheep has high favorables. she is in a really good position to run and people like to say oh, those numbers will come down. i think that they don't lie. i think that state after state, not only do polls show that she could lock down some of the important battleground states like my home state of ohio, but they also show that she can put red state in play, like texas and kentucky. so we're very excited about her prospects. but it's not just about the polls and weep know that polls doesn't mean anything. we learned that in 2008. that's why at, we're pulling in supporters, we have 100,000 already, we launched our web site today and we're going
8:39 am
to built that grass roots infrastructure across america. >> up next, it is mark sanford's race to lose. he could be poised to become the republican candidate for south carolina's first district. plus rotten apples. randy weingarten joins me to talk about the impact of atlanta's cheating scandal. while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food.
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the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth fixodent,ls bacter and forget it. so he was derailed four years ago by an extra marital tryst. today you would never know former south carolina governor mark sanford went off any trails. right now he backed by big money. a new internal democratic poll shows that sanford could be in
8:43 am
trouble if he beats bostic and goes up against the democrat elizabeth colbert busch. joining me is kayton dawson. it's great to have you here. before we get to lulu busch. let's go to your successor. is the tossup based on the candidate's debate performance? >> the debates matter but it was only one. bostic did a nice job in the debate. mark sanford is a professional, he's good at it, he's photogenic. it probably wasn't enough debates to make that much difference in the margin. at noon the turnout is a little under the original turnout. >> is sanford's key to success in the turnout? >> it is in that no new voters turn out.
8:44 am
mark's supporters are pretty hard core. he's become the tiger woods of south carolina politics, fall from grace, he's back. lulu busch will be a very attractive candidate. >> let's talk about the lulu busch aspect of all of this. based on democratic polling, she's doing really well. does she have the advantage when it comes to the fact she does have some power with her brother coming in? they're doing a democratic fund-raiser to get some more cash into her pockets and also the fact that there is this -- it really depends on if sanford can beat out bostic. >> i found out the stephen colbert power when he was going to run for president and told me it would be more fun to get a mistress and a sports car. that was an internal democrat poll, that district went 18% for mitt romney. it's very conservative. it just got redrawn.
8:45 am
so i would say their chances are slim. but mark does give a lot of political fodder for the democrats. the dccc will move in, then we could have race and a small turnout. i think today sanford is going to need to do real well to answer some of those questions about his past. >> okay. we will know more later today. as you're saying, you found out turnout's a little bit low for now but could pick up. katon dawson, you want to give a shout out to your daughter? >> sure, it's my daughter's birthday. i'm in new york to take her to launch. >> that's very important. >> a law change the republicans and democrats actually agree on. and politico roaring more states than ever, red and blue, are letting residents register to vote online. back when president obama won office, only arizona and washington had online voter
8:46 am
registration. today 17 states have such easy vote registration in place. and right now 13 more have bills pending to give residents that very option. >> and while he definitely scored with voters in 2012, the president wasn't the king of the baskets. he was 2 for 22 shooting hoops during monday's easter egg roll. still the crowd loved it. they had fun. remember jack lew and his curly q signature? you won't be seeing it any time soon on your money. a spokesperson for the bureau of printing and engraving said the process of replicating his signatures take about 18 weeks. i can do it in 18 seconds. what's she up to? the new root touch-up by nice'n easy has the most shade choices, designed to match even salon color in just 10 minutes. with the new root touch-up, all they see is you.
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as we told you at the top of the hour, the national rifle association is just announcing its new unveiled plan for securing our nation's schools. former congressman asa
8:50 am
hutchinson outlined the plan and homes ago, the father of one of the kids killed at sandy hook elementary school spoke out in favor of these recommendations. >> there are certain expectations and obviously in sandy hook those expectations weren't met. this is a program. i applaud everyone for their input. i also want to say that i think politics needs to sort of be set aside here and i hope this doesn't you know, lead to name-calling. but rather this is recommendations for solutions. real solutions that will make our kids safer. >> now the senate is expected to take up a gun control bill after their break. >> this is about integrity. we're talking about teachers sitting in a blacked-out room erasing and correcting answers for children and a teacher who a principal standing guard at the door. we're talking about teachers being threatened if they came forward. we're talking about writing
8:51 am
memos that needed to be burned after the meeting was over. if that is not a criminal conspiracy, i don't know what is. >> ha was a key moment from the debut of "all in" with chris hayes as msnbc contributor goldie taylor cut to the heart of a massive cheating scandal inside atlanta school district. more than 30 educators have until the end of the day to turn them in on charges they cheated test scores, but would retaliate against anyone who tried to blow the whistle. so far three have turned themselves in, among those named in the 65-count indictment a former atlanta school superintendant. dr. beverly hall. joining me is american federation of teachers president, randi winegarten, it's great to have you here. i know you've been watching this closely. let's talk more about dr. hall. not only receiving a half million dollars in performance bonuses, but in in 2011 she appeared on "rock center" and
8:52 am
was asked about the cheating scandal. she said i did it was not anything that i as an administrator can do. she's accused as playing a part in this and the grand jury feels that she had a hefty part in the scam itself. does federal policy as woo we're seeing here provide an incentive for those teachers to cheat? >> so let me say one thing, off you know, before anything else, cheating cannot be condoned. regardless of what the environment is, it can't be condoned, integrity comes first and in fact, our local union in december 2005, blew the whistle. and was ignored, as were other whistleblowers. having said that, i do think that federal education policies starting with no child left behind, and now embedded by race to the top, have helped create this condition that test scores
8:53 am
mean more than anything else. and at the very same time, as we know that what kids really need to be engaged participants in democracy and economy is to actually apply knowledge, critically think, be problem-solvers and do teamwork. our testing regime actually looks for something quite different. and so this has to be reconciled. and i think what's happened in atlanta and i do think that "the new york times" story about the indictments this weekend said what, said what one of the commentators on chris hayes last night said as well. the amount of time, the pressure that teachers felt, the failure to listen to whistleblowers, the environment that made testing and test scores more important than anything else, cheated kids, cheats education and has to be changed. >> one thing the problem is not just in atlanta.
8:54 am
we've got this headlining story coming out of el paso, where allegations of test-rigging and grade manipulation. fuelled an audit that the schools that described these schools as diploma mills. two years ago the "u.s.a. today" cited 52 schools in d.c. as having high erase yur rates for standardized tests. how did we turn into a nation where we just care about the standardized tests. not the incentives from policy. standardized testing has been around for a long time. >> standardized testing has been around for a long time. but this has been the change -- that all of a sudden this one english or math test, can have consequential high stakes irretrievable results for schools, for kids, and for teachers. and that's been the shift, first with know child left behind and unfortunately even with the obama race to the top policy. but the bottom line is this, you see it in new york. you see it in washington, d.c. and the first impulse by all of these policy makers, whether it
8:55 am
was michael bloomberg, joel klein, michelle rhee is that when a whistleblower says something is wrong, to ignore it and condone the principals who were then accused and found guilty of cheating. and so it creates an environment. is it wrong to cheat? it's wrong to cheat. but the environment has to be looked at as a root cause and we need a different accountability system in terms of figuring out are we succeeding with children. >> american federation of teachers president, randi weingarten, thanks for being here. thank you for your time, see you back here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern. joining michelle then, james carville and skron thon capehart and don't go anywhere, "now" with alex wagner comes up next. joy reed is filling in for alex. >> you can call it the grand old fractured party. when it comes to social issues, republicans have varying opinions on how to fight the
8:56 am
culture wars, we'll talk about whether the party can ever truly come together. another day, another state tries to bypass the constitution when it comes to abortion rights. and forget about chris christie in 2016. first he's got to get past 2013, his democratic gubernatorial rival joins us on her race against the popular new jersey governor, all of that when "now" starts in a mere 180 seconds. carfirmation. only hertz gives you a carfirmation. hey, this is challenger.
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♪ no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review. the religious right is getting left behind on issues like same-sex marriage. will they also be left at the altar by the gop? it's tuesday, april 2nd and this is "now." i'm joy reed in for alex wagner, joining me georgetown university prefesor and msnbc political analyst, michael